Something smells in Ceduna. Elder says its not what we signed up for.

Social Security Legislation Amendment (Debit Card Trial) Bill 2015   Submission  Authorisation  

 This  submission  is  authorised  by  Greg  Franks,  Chief  Executive  Officer  of  Yalata  Community  Inc. The timing of the  hearing  will  not  enable  the  matter  to  be  considered  by  the  Yalata  Community  Council  for  formal  endorsement  but  the  submission  is  based  on  discussions  with  the  Chairperson  and  previous  Council  meetings. 

The Cheif executive officer Greg Franks no longer holds a position in Yalata.  

The outcome of not being allowed to even see the contract before being signed resulted in both community elders and spokes people publicly withdrawing their support for the card.

No business person would or could be held to a contract sight unseen yet this is what the Ceduna Council and the Government have done. We in Ceduna have been told that the changes to the contract were actually made  just before the signatories were supposed to sign the mou

Corruption to push bills through 

The corrupt manner in which The cashless welfare card was braught to Ceduna is unacceptable. No matter what this government has to say about how good the card works . The real  fact is:  it does not.